Stink Bug Issues

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The Problem

Stink bugs are attracted to light and heat. They come inside your home because of the lights. Keep the lights off to stop drawing them. You can also use special sprays to keep them away. Turning off lights at night is the first and foremost way to stop stink bugs in their tracks. Stink bugs reproduce at an astounding rate and there is no super-scientific way to stop them. These bugs lay eggs in clumps of 20 to 30 in barrel shaped clumps. Typically, they lay eggs under leaves, around plants or any greenery in the land. Since they love light and drawn to them at night, one answer to the question of how to get rid of stink bugs is to simply turn off your outdoor lighting.
Outdoors, Stink bugs live in fields, gardens and around any kind of plant growth. These bugs are active during spring and usually last until fall. They are the most constant of all bugs and the most persistent of all bugs that has ever come to America. These bugs have been (accidentally) imported from Asia and now they have spread all over the United States. There are no known predators, else we should import THEM, too.
The steps to get rid of stink bugs begins with good pest control around your house and to get your home treated quarterly with the best spray available to the market. Consult a pest control services in your area on how to kill the pests as soon as possible. Nobody likes their nuisance and stink bugs are the worst kind of pests that has ever invaded any American soil. Get rid of them soon for a healthy environment.  Read on for specific information about how to get rid of stink bugs by yourself and for good.

Do Not Crush Them

If you find stink bugs in your home, do not simply crush them. That is basic stink bug info that everyone should know. If you don't know this, you will find the true meaning of why they're called stink bugs.
Stink bugs have a substance they emit from their thorax. It is let out when they are annoyed or smashed. The odor has been compared to rotten waste mixed with plastic.. As soon as this liquid comes out, it will fill the immediate area with a horrible stench.
There are over two hundred species of stink bug in North America. They are found in a range of green and brown colors. Their thorax is triangle shaped. Their backs are the shape of a shield. The adults have four wings and two antennas. Their size can be up to an inch in length.
The cycle of stink bug starts in the warmer months of the year. The stink bug cycle begins with an egg. The female attaches a cluster of eggs to the underside of a leaf. She gives birth to a hundred eggs at one time.
Stink bugs can be treated with insecticides inside and outside your home. You can also seal cracks around the outside of your home with caulk to prevent intrusion.

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